SQL Family Got Me Here

What a journey it’s been… and still is!  In less than 24 hours, I’ll be travelling in Charlotte, NC, to attend my very first SQL Server PASS Summit!  And what a better way to kick off my first Summit experience, than to kick off my SQL Server blog!

But how’d I get here?  Even before I started my career, I still fondly remember my Database Design class from Marquete University. Taught my Dr. Mark Barnard, little did I know how much influence it would have on my career.

I’ve worked with SQL Server since 1999. Around 2005, I specialized as a SQL Server Developer, focusing on T-SQL & performance optimization.

Then in 2011, things really changed for me. I discovered SQLSkills.com, and had the opportunity to attend IE1: Immersion Event on Internals and Performance, which changed my entire perspective on SQL Server.

I discovered the SQL Server community!  I discovered the SQL Server community on Twitter! I discovered a couple dozen SQL Server blogs!  And I discovered a new career and personal goal – to get involved in that amazing community.

I got my feet wet slowly, lurking on Twitter.  I attended a SQLFriends lunch with Brent Ozar, who gave me some fantastic advice about getting out into the community.  I attended some more SQLSkills Immersion Events, and focused on networking.  I attended SQL Saturdays and am now addicted!  And most importantly, I started meeting people.

Over the past few years, I’ve met many wonderful people.  Someone had coined the term SQL Family, and it is something that I’ve really embraced.  We are blessed, not only to be part of a community, but part of a family!  And I’ve benefited greatly from what others in this family, have given back.  Now the time has come, for me to give back, in my own way.
I’ve chatted about blogging with a handful of members of SQL Family.  Every one has encouraged me to dive in.  But I really want to thank Allen White.  I had the pleasure of meeting him and by chance, having breakfast with him at SQL Saturday Indianapolis, a few months ago.  We talked about blogging and he encouraged me to start blogging.  He encouraged me to share my own perspective.  And that chat really stuck with me.

So here we are!  SQL Family has given me a tremendous amount, and I can only hope that this blog allows me to give back even a fraction of what others have shared with me.  But I can’t give back without trying, so here goes nothing!

Onto PASS Summit!


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