Speaker of the Month

Been working on my post SQL Saturday Chicago & 2nd Every Byte Counts presentation entries over this past week, but had to post a quick entry now.

I was shocked this morning when I opened TweetDeck, to find this:

Grant Fritchey @GFritchey
Speaker of the Month, May 2014: Whoa! Another month gone by already? I guess I better pick a speaker of the mo… bit.ly/1iR2HP6

That was maybe 20 minutes ago, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m still on Cloud 9.

It was more than enough, just to have Grant agree to attend my session, and to receive his feedback afterwards.  But this… wow…

So thank you Grant, and thank you to everyone who attended my sessions in Madison and Chicago!



Where is he speaking next? I don’t know.

Over the course of this week, I was also honored to be invited to present at MADPASS.  I should be there in August.  I’ll most likely also be submitting and crossing my fingers for SQL Saturday Indianapolis & Minneapolis.


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