Presenting EBC at SQL Saturday Chicago Re-Cap

I don’t think I’ll ever forget, walking out of the Speaker room, rounding the corner, and seeing the hallway JAMMED with people. I thought to myself, why are all of these people out here?!? The rest of the classrooms are down the hall. Wait… these people are lined up to see ME?!?! WHOA!!!

Let’s flash forward a few more minutes. It’s was 3:50PM. I was exhausted, a bit nervous, but ready to rock & roll with my 2nd presentation ever. I look out at my classroom, and while it’s small, it’s PACKED! Then it hits me like a brick wall – the room is SILENT! There was no idle chatter – everyone was just sitting there staring at me. And that sure didn’t help my nerves!

I opted to throw caution to the wind and test my ability to engage in idle chatter with a room full of strangers. I asked the audience how they’ve been enjoying SQL Saturday. That nearly fell flat, but my friend & room monitor Gina Meronek helped save me & keep the chatter going. I eventually started sharing about community & SQL Family. I talked about how strong the community is, and how I value resourcefulness far above raw technical knowledge. By participating and involving yourself in this community, you gain an unbelievable resource to aid you in your career.

And to me, that’s what SQL Saturday is all about – community & SQL Family.

But back to my session. I’m pleased to say that it went really well. I made one key change from my first version I ran in Madison, adding in an audience interactive section, which went really well. I managed to successfully bait my audience into making one particular data type decision, then launched a curve ball at them. It was simple, but illustrated the need to really think about your data when choosing appropriate types.

I was also honored to have Grant Fritchey attend my session. His feedback was gold to me and I’m grateful for it. And as many of you know, he subsequently honored me.  I still don’t have words to describe how I felt about that!

I’m really excited to continue to tweak and grow this presentation, and to give it again at future events!

Am I giving it again? Where you ask?

* SAVO Group (my employer) – May
* PASS Performance Virtual ChapterJuly’s Palooza Event
* SQL Saturday Indianapolis – August; Submitted & hopefully accepted?
* MADPASS – August

Hope to see you somewhere soon!

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