SQL PASS Performance Virtual Chapter – Performance Palooza Post-Presentation

Whew, how’s that for a title?

Earlier today, I had the privilege of being invited to present my Every Byte Counts presentation, for the SQL PASS Perf. Virtual Chapter. This month, they held their Performance Palooza event – 8 hours of back to back presentations! As I half joked on Twitter, I said come see “7 rockstars and a rookie (me)!”

I must say, I had a very fun time presenting today. Taking some advice from Erin Stellato, I kept focused, energized, and upbeat throughout. My friend David Klee wound up being my moderator, which was also a blessing. It really helped to calm my nerves, chatting with a friend, before we got rolling.

If you attended, thank you!! I’m told that I had 118 attendees – a number that still blows me away! I hope everyone was able to come away from my presentation with at least one useful tidbit of new knowledge.

I’ve handed over a copy of my slides & demo scripts to the Perf VC, who will have it posted on their Event Archive shortly. The session was recorded, and it should be posted in about a week’s time.

Thank you Gina Meronek, who suggested me to the Perf VC staff.  Thank you Carlos Bossy, for inviting me to present and answering all of my rookie questions!  Thank you Ryan Adams and anyone else who works on the Perf VC, for this awesome opportunity!

And thanks to all of my friends who attended, and for your tweets of support and praise!


P.S. I’ll be presenting again in a few weeks, at SQL Saturday Indianapolis. I’ll also be visiting MADPASS in about a month, to present there as well. Finally, I’ve submitted to SQL Saturday Minneapolis, so if I’m lucky, you can see me there too!