TIL #3 – SQL Server in Azure VMs w. Buck Woody

Life got in the way of yesterday’s TIL Holiday SQL Learning series, but I’m back today! Today, I watched Buck Woody’s (b|tSQL Server in Azure VMs session. Having an MSDN subscription, I’ve casually dabbled with Azure for maybe an hour or two at most, but that’s about it. I recognize that VMs are super easy to spin up, but beyond that, have not explored how it can work for me.

DISCLAIMER: In the interest of not “exposing” each presenter’s entire session, I’m not going into great detail or documenting “everything” I pulled out. After all, I want to encourage everyone to view the session for themselves.

Here’s my list of interesting notes & tidbits:

  • IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS
    IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service = OS on up is yours to control. Analogy – Rent a car/lease a car. You must patch & maintain. Can reuse on-premise infrastructure (ex: Active Directory).
    PaaS: Platform as a Service = Code level. You get a DB but stay off server. Analogy – Take a bus or train. Microsoft will patch & maintain.
    SaaS: Software as a Service = Ex: Office 365
  • Great walk-through Demo to set up Azure
  • Slide-deck chock full of notes – great summaries there.
  • Usage Scenarios – Dev & Test. Lift & Shift. Hybrid. Latter is interesting – Availability Group & other DR situations. Reporting.  Think about how you can mix & match in your environment.
  • Perf Whitepaper – http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=306266 – Read.

This was a really informative session for me. Before, I’d always wondered how Azure could really “replace” SQL Server. But Buck makes a fantastic point – Azure isn’t necessarily there to replace an on-premise SQL Server solution. Instead, one should start thinking about how Azure can supplement/complement an existing on-premise set up. As mentioned in the Usage Scenarios bullet point – there’s many useful ways that Azure can be employed to strengthen your current enterprise. I’ll definitely be keeping these things in mind, in the future!

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