TIL #6 – Achieving Peak Performance from your Virtual SQL Servers w. David Klee

Merry Christmas Eve to my SQLFamily! For today’s TIL Holiday Learning Series session, I selected my good friend David Klee’s (b|t) session: Achieving Peak Performance from your Virtual SQL Servers. I’ve been increasing my interest & knowledge of VMs and have a number of VM related Summit Sessions that I intend to watch, so this was a good one to refresh & get started with.

DISCLAIMER: In the interest of not “exposing” each presenter’s entire session, I’m not going into great detail or documenting “everything” I pulled out. After all, I want to encourage everyone to view the session for themselves.

Here’s my list of interesting notes & tidbits:

  • Abstract hardware away & think about things as “resources” & “queues” instead.
  • In VMs, there will be “hard limits” on resources. Physical CPUs. X amount of RAM. SAN IOPs. Interconnect path speeds.
  • In VMs, there will be “soft limits” on queues. Memory oversubscription. CPU Scheduler Contention – 8 physical cores & 100 virtual cores. “Noisy neighbors.”
  • VM Perf Counters Lie – Search for Klee’s blog Post
  • Storage Test – check out DiskSpd on GitHub. New benchmarking tool.
  • Latter portion of session has lots of general “best practice” recommendations.

I’ve had the fortune of seeing this session before, but for me ramping up on Virtual Machine tech, it was a great refresh/primer. If you’re in the same place I am, then this is a great starter session to get you more comfortable with running SQL Servers in a Virtual environment. And it’s got me excited to check out some of other VM related Summit Sessions next!

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