Mid-Year Update

It’s been an extremely busy year for me. Here’s a quick recap by the numbers:

January – June:

  • 15 events attended
  • 20 presentations given
  • 28,000 miles flown
  • 15 hotel stays


I just wrapped up a week at SQL Intersection. I did not present at this conference, but did represent on behalf of SentryOne. But I did have the luxury of attending some sessions, which was awesome. I chose to focus on some of the cutting edge tech and was not disappointed. Highlights include sessions with Buck Woody on Machine Learning, Pam Lahoud on TempDB Impovements in SQL Server 2019, and several sessions with Bob Ward on Containers, Kubernetes, and SQL Server 2019.

I came out of this past week re-energized and wanting to get back into personal R&D, which I intend to blog about! Here’s a list of personal projects I wish to tackle, both big and small:

  • Docker:
    I want to get Docker operational on my laptop WITHOUT Hyper-V. I use VMWare Workstation and prefer to continue with it, meaning Docker for Windows Desktop is a no-go (it requires Hyper-V). But

  • ostress.exe
    I’ve used sqlcmd batch files for my workload scripts, but I finally want to convert them over to using ostress.exe.

  • Azure Data Studio + notebooks
    Bob Ward used ADS Notebooks for his demos, and after seeing him do it, I was amazed at how easy it was! I’m curious to see how I can manage some other aspects for some of my demos (use of XE, execution plan analysis, etc.) but am eager to take the plunge and give it a go.

  • New Sessions!
    I must develop TWO new sessions that I’ll be presenting in July & August. These were also my PASS Summit submissions, so am keeping my fingers crossed that one will be selected!

With all of these pet projects, I’m curious to see how much I can really knock out. But I am going to try my best to ride this wave of inspiration as long as I can AND blog about it all!

Here’s to the 2nd half of 2019!


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