Looking Back on 2019 & Planning for 2020

Most folks do a year-end review later in December. But strangely enough, I’m finding myself doing one today. Maybe it’s because I just turned 42? In either case, let’s do a quick recap of 2019!

  • SQL Saturdays: 14
  • Presentations Given: 35
  • Conferences: 3 (SQLBits, SQL Intersection, PASS Summit)
I’ve also traveled enough to attain Platinum status with American Airlines & Diamond status with Hilton! Crazy!

In my Mid Year Update, I mentioned that I was going to debut two new sessions. I accomplished that, and presented them a total of 11 times! I plan to continue submitting them, but also have my mind’s eye on new session content.

  • SQL Server 2019: Intelligent Query Processing
    As someone who has specialized in T-SQL, IQP capabilities in SQL Server 2019 are HUGE! When GA was announced, I had my SQL Server 2019 RC install upgraded within 15 minutes! I’m super excited about this new feature set and look forward to seeing more folks adopt SQL Server 2019.
  • Advanced Plan Explorer
    At PASS Summit, I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Kevin Kline about SentryOne’s (FREE) Plan Explorer tool. Plan Explorer has been around for many years, but this experience really opened my eyes to the need for a more advanced session around how to use PE to dissect execution plans.
At this point, I’ve already got my eye on a number of 2020 events. I’ll be kicking off the year with SQL Saturday Nashville (session TBD) and I plan to submit to SQLBits 2020, Data Grillen 2020, and several SQL Saturdays whose CFS’s are already open. And of course, I’m again part of the SQL Saturday Chicago 2020 planning team! And finally I am going to attempt to blog more regularly!

2020 is already shaping up to be a very busy year. And I couldn’t be more excited!


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