2020 Community Recap: By the Numbers

Looking back over 2020, I’m blessed to have had many opportunities to remain very active in the SQL Server community. Don’t feel like writing a lot so here’s the breakdown by the numbers:


Event Type # of Presentations # of Events
Conferences 10 8
SQL Saturdays 10 9
User Groups 8 8
Webinars 4 4
Total 32 29

* Excludes SentryOne vendor activities

Other Stuff

Blog Posts = 3 (not including this one)
Chicago Suburban User Group meetings = 11
Event Moderator = 1

Another Chapter Ends…

Finally, the most bittersweet number.

2309 days since Sept 4, 2014 to today, Dec 30, 2020 = User Group Leader

Effective today, I’ve stepped down as co-Chapter Leader of the Chicago Suburban User Group.

At least the reason for this change is a good one; I’ve relocated to Boston!

Until Next Time…

Here’s to hoping for a better 2021!



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