T-SQL Tuesday #150: My First Tech Job

Welcome to another edition of T-SQL Tuesday! This month’s host is Kenneth Fisher and Kenneth asks for bloggers to write about “Your first technical job”

Something A Little Different

I suspect that most will write about their first jobs after college. But for me, I’m going to go further back to senior year of high school.

Took Economics as an elective and it was a really awesome class. Got along really well with my teacher, who knew I was a computer nerd. At some point, she told me that her (adult) daughter needed a copy of WordPerfect and a CD-Rom drive installed in her home desktop and asked if I’d be willing to do the job for her. Sure, why not? I was already acing that class, so it’s not like I needed extra credit or brownie points. She said she’d pay me but never said how much. I didn’t really care; I was eager to help.

Drove over to her daughter’s apartment, installed the CD-Rom drive & WordPerfect, gave them a tour of the software, chatted about Sierra adventure video games with her boyfriend/husband, and left. They handed me an envelope and it had $150 in it! To high schooler Andy, that was a TON of money for an hour of my time. And I I suppose that makes that my “first technical job.”

What’s So Significant About That?

Why am I writing about that story? Because that first job was something I enjoyed and I was eager to help. I knew I was getting paid, but I didn’t really care how much.

Flashing forward more years than I care to admit, and I can say that I’ve been blessed with a career where I’ve been able to continue to work with technology that I love, and help people along the way, all while getting paid to do it. It’s taken a great deal of work and there’s certainly been some rough patches, but I appreciate and am grateful that I continue to be able to help people day in and day out.

What About You?

If you’re reading this, then I would challenge you to think over your career. Do you have an earlier story that helped to shape or foretold who you have become today?

Thanks for reading.


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