TIL – My SQL Server Holiday Training Challenge

While I am between jobs, I have three weeks off! Whoo woo, when was the last time you had that much time off? Some of it will be consumed by Christmas & New Year’s holiday related shennanigans, but there’s still tons of time to fill. In addition to video games and house projects, I also thought about what I can do that’s SQL Server related. Conveniently, PASS released the Summit 2014 Session Recordings last night! And that gave me an idea.

Starting today, I am challenging myself watch a Summit session, then try to write a short TIL (Today I Learned) blog about it – even if it’s just a few short notes and thoughts. I know that I realistically cannot watch one EVERY single day, so I am challenging myself to reach a goal of watching 15 sessions. I have 23 calendar days to accomplish this.

And if you missed the announcement, PASS has made the Summit Session Recordings available for purchase, regardless of whether you attended Summit or not (though costs differ if you did/didn’t). Check it out here! And if you ask me, $495 is a BARGAIN for all of the content you get access to!

Time to get my SQL Learning On!

  1. TIL #1 – Dynamic SQL w. Jeremiah Peschka
  2. TIL #2 – T-SQL Refactoring w. Mike Donnelly
  3. TIL #3 – SQL Server in Azure VMs w. Buck Woody
  4. TIL #4 – Five Execution Plan Patterns to Watch For w. Erin Stellato
  5. TIL #5 – Are Your Indexes Helping or Hurting? w. Jes Borland
  6. TIL #6 – Achieving Peak Performance from your Virtual SQL Servers w. David Klee