SQL Saturday #287: Madison – Slidedeck & Demo DB Backup Files


Thank you to those who attended my VERY FIRST session yesterday: Every Byte Counts!  I am grateful for the opportunity to speak, and for the awesome feedback I received from all attendees.

I have just finished posting my slidedeck and a 2012 backup of my demo database.  You may get them here:



I’ll have more post-event thoughts later I’m sure.

Thanks to everyone, who made yesterday a fantastic day!


My First Presentations!!!

I’ve never put much stock in setting long-term goals for myself. I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kind of guy. But a couple of years ago, I did set a loose goal of becoming more involved in the SQL Server community.

I figured at first, I would just network with as many people I could. Then last year, I started to volunteer at SQL Saturdays & travelled out of state to attend SQL Saturdays. Finally, I made it a personal and professional goal to finally attend the PASS Summit.

I achieved all of those goals!

Through those accomplishments, I set a few new goals. For one, I started this blog.  But the bigger, more intimidating goal was to finally start speaking. I had an opportunity to get my feet wet, late last year, by giving a Lightning Talk at Chicago’s SQL Server User Group. This gave me a solid foundation upon which to build a full blown session.

I set my sights on two early 2014 SQL Saturdays in my region – Madison & Chicago. And I am honored and humbled to say that I was accepted to speak at both!

Image           Image

If you come out to one of these SQL Saturdays, you can see me present Every Byte Counts: Why Your Datatype Choices Matter!

I want to give a special thanks to Jes Borland, Eddie Wuerch, and Mark Vaillancourt. When I first started this endeavor, Jes shared some fantastic advice with me on how to structure and put a session together. Later, I attended a SQL Saturday session by Eddie, on speaking and presenting, which also influenced me greatly. He incorporated a dialogue exercise with his audience, so I volunteered my topic idea to work through. Finally, I attended another SQL Saturday session by Mark, also on speaking and presenting. Mark gave me some other fantastic insights and ideas.

So thank you everyone!  Here goes nothing!