2014 Tribal Awards

About a month ago, I learned that I was nominated for the 2014 Tribal Awards held by SQL Server Central & Simple-Talk. These are fun awards, whose nominees & results are determined by the SQL Server community at large.

I remember sipping my coffee before work, skimming Twitter, and seeing Jen Stirrup (b|t) tweet that she’d been nominated for a category. I thought “oh cool, I ought to check out the full list later today.” Eventually I pulled up the nomination listing and nearly spat out my coffee. My name was listed under the Best New Community Voice category!

Before I continue the story – THANK YOU to those who nominated me. It still humbles me that someone even thought to list my name and raise me up as a nominee.

Yesterday, the results of the community voting were announced. I was delighted to learn that my good friend Catherine Wilhelmsen (b|t) won our category. I still remember meeting her at Summit 2013 and have loved watching how she’s exploded within the SQL Server community in the year thereafter. I was thrilled for her – she’s definitely a rising rockstar in the community.

Catherine W. & Andy Y.

Then Simple-Talk surprised me with a tweet…




Wow! Let me tell you, that made my day!  Here’s the official announcement & full results.

So THANK YOU to the SQL Server community at large, for not only everything you’ve given to me, but for inspiring me to give back as much as I can and to continue doing so!



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