T-SQL Tuesday #146: Upending Preconceived Notions

Welcome back to another edition of T-SQL Tuesday! I’m honored to be your host once again!

Theme to Kick off 2022

This month, I’d like to ask everyone to think about something you’ve learned, that subsequently changed your opinion/viewpoint/etc. on something. Maybe you’ve had a certain opinion, belief, or bias? Perhaps you’ve always thought something worked a certain way? Or you’ve always thought that a certain something (called “X”) was only good for “A”, only to later learn that it can help with “B”, and “C” as well. Regardless, you learned something and it totally upended and changed that preconceived notion you held previously.

When has this happened to you Andy?

Let me share an example. In my past as a T-SQL developer, I remember when I first learned about CTEs. I thought the world of them and started using them everywhere! However, there was one slight problem. I was under the mistaken impression that they pre-materialize each sub-query. And they do… in OTHER RDBMS’s. Whoops! After a few years, I learned that they don’t behave that way in SQL Server. Instead the query optimizer inlines the query in the CTE, making them functionally no different that a subquery. And well, let’s just say that that made me regret some of the coding decisions I’d made during my “CTEs-are-awesome” phase.

Rule Refresher

To remind you of the rules, please write a blog post corresponding to this month’s theme, include the T-SQL Tuesday logo, link back to this announcement post for the trackback, and leave a comment here with a link back to your contribution. Deadline is end of day Jan 11, 2022 (don’t worry about time zones, I’m not picky about late entries).

The other thing to remember is, your blog is your blog. If you want to gently twist the theme, to write a blog that better suits you, by all means do so! Just want to encourage you all to participate!

Go Forth and Blog!

So take some time to think about something you’ve learned that subsequently upended a preconceived notion you held before! I look forward to reading your contributions.

Happy Blogging!

26 thoughts on “T-SQL Tuesday #146: Upending Preconceived Notions

  1. I don’t have my own blog so, here’s mine in the form of a recorded presentation. I’m sure that YOU will recognize it, Andy. Thank you again for the comments at the end and for moderating. Both were a great help.

    For other folks, I destroy more than two decades of myths on multiple subjects and most of it leads to the wrong way everyone has been doing index maintenance.

    Here’s the link:

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